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Es gibt genug gründe abzunehmen:

- es ist wundervoll zart und zierlich zu sein

- man wird bewundert

- man fühlt sich toll

- man ist fit und gesund

- und vieles mehr


Doch trotz den ganzen vorteilen des schlank seins, verliert man doch ab und an mal ehrgeiz, benötigte kraft etc...darum hier ein bissi ansporn für mich.


Ganz vorne ist natürlich meine große inspiration, anya:


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Eine wundervolle frau, diese figur schaff ich auch..dazu noch das tolle perfekte gesicht :


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Dann natürlich mein schatz, für dich mach ich das ganze doch:


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*my inspiration* 


Mein größtes vorbild, Anya Lahiri! Ich möchte unbedingt so aussehen wie sie, irgendwann werd ich es schaffen! Dazu gibt es jetz mal ein paar infos und pix:

-Full name: Anya Lahiri
-Nationality: British
-Birthday: 1 May 1982
-born in: Golders Green, London, England
-Hair: Brown
-Eyes: Green
-Shoe: 37 EU
-Height: 1,72 m
-Measurements: (EU) 81-61-89
-Dress Size: (US) 6 / (EU) 36

Anya was born in London, England. “Im a real London girl and I love it”, she says about herself. She has been modelling from a young age after being scouted while out in London. Since 1999 she was in girlband named ‘Precious’ with Sophie McDonnel, Kally Clark-Sternberg, Louise Rose and Jenny Frost(now she’s in Atomic Kitten). Since Precious split up, Anya has returned to her education, attending Birkbeck Collage in London, while continuing to model part time. She is a model and an actress.Anya’s mother is Finnish and her father is Indian, so she’s half Finnish, half Indian. She has an older sister and a niece. Anya can ride a horse and even has a horse named Carrot. Anya had an on-off relationship with Duncan James(Blue) for 3 years, but they split up in summer 2004 because of their full schedules.She is vegetarian and she love the joga.

Anya Lahiri's trend

Anya has long, curly hair by originaly. Anya sometimes has braid, but more often she to take one's hair down.

Anya likes the jeans with a top or a polo.In the party She likes the evening dress or the full dress, with high heel shoes and with a jumper.

In the party with her friends:
Anya likes the jeans with a polo or a top with skirt. In the Party with her firends, sometimes Anya has makeup.


Anya does not like when it to make-up. But She is a modell and she many a time worn makeup. To make up Anya's Eyes and her lips and her face.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson About Anya Lahiri

Weeks after Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was caught leching over Duncan from Blue, the hoity-toity madam has attacked the singers girlfriend.

According to reports, Anya Lahiri is annoyed by how much time the pair spend together, especially since Tara P-T jetted off to Belfast to watch the band start their UK tour.

But Tara is taking it all in her stride, saying she, “Can’t be bothered worrying about what she is thinking.”
“I’ve got bigger fish to fry my own age. Duncan is six years younger than me.”

Shockingly, there seems to be an ulterior motive to Tara's actions, as she runs the production company Meltdown with the singer.

Not a lot of people know that.

"At the end of the day, Anya is 19 and going out with Duncan who is in one of the biggest boy bands. I know Duncan and he is a naughty boy and whatever it is they’ve got going on she’ll have to get used to this sort of thing," bleated Tara.

"I don’t need to be worrying about what she thinks. But if I was her I wouldn't like seeing me with Duncan, what girl would? Anya is a lovely girl but I just can’t be bothered thinking, Me and Duncan are partners in a multimillion-pound business and we are not going to stop seeing each other.”



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