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Nu bin ich 18, erwachsen, neuer lebensabschnitt, neuanfang, zeit etwas zu ändern, mich zu ändern...yeeeeeah!


Für die nächste zeit werd ich einige dinge ändern, bis ende des jahres soll es verinnerlicht sein, sollte genug zeit sein:


-go vegetarian

-eating low carb

-loose hated pounds

-go to the gym - regularly!



Das sind vorerst die pläne!

Ich will endlich ganz vegetarisch essen , futter ja eh kaum fleisch, owbohl fettarmes chicken sau wenig kcal hat aber nene, geht nemmer. Außerdem is die anya au vegetarierin hihi


Dann will ich endlich wirklich low carb essen, dh verboten sind:





-kekse, chips und alles süßkramszeugs

-...und alles andre halt was viele kcal hat


Dann will ich weiter abnehmen, muss net unbedingt 1 kilo pro woche sein, solange es kontinuierlich weniger wird....


Und sport is ganz wichtig. 3 mal die woche mindestens zum fitness, feste zeiten mit tanja und jani, dann pack ich des...dann noch wenn ich am WE zeit hab oder mich ma abreagieren muss zwischendurch. Anstatt zu fressen zum sport, yeah yeah yeah!




Wenn ich wieder lerne zu genießen, werde ich au weniger essen. Keine FAs mehr, wiel ich das wenige, was ich zu mir nehme au zu schätzen lerne....zum genießen mal ein paar dinge:

7 Genussregeln:

Genuss braucht Zeit

Genuss muss erlaubt sein

Genuss geht nicht nebenbei

Wissen, was einem gut tut

Weniger ist mehr

Ohne Erfahrung kein Genuss

Genuss ist alltäglich



Wie wär’ s mit einem bunten Salat mit grünen knackigen Salatblättern, roten Tomaten, grünen oder schwarzen Oliven, gelber Paprika und orangen Karotten! Der Phantasie werden keine Grenzen gesetzt, wenn das Auge verwöhnt werden soll.


Auch im Alltag an schöne, bunte Servietten und Tischdecken denken!


Störenden Lärm, laute Musik und Streitereien beim Essen vermeiden, denn das Ohr wird dadurch zu sehr abgelenkt.


Bei schönem Wetter draußen mit Vogelgezwitscher essen, bei schlechtem Wetter auf eine schöne sanfte Hintergrundsmusik zurückgreifen.


Die Oberflächen des Gemüses und Obstes ertasten und feststellen, ob sie schon reif sind (z. B. Ananas, Kiwi) bzw. ob sie noch gut sind (z. B. Gurke, Tomate, Aubergine).


Zum Spaß einmal wie Kinder die Hähnchenkeule, die Pommes frites und die Pizza mit den Fingern essen und fühlen, wie die Konsistenz dieser Speisen ist.


Ein frisches Brötchen, gerösteter Toast, brühfrischer Kaffee oder Tee, alles kleine Nasenfreuden, die aus einem einfachen Frühstück einen Start in einen genussvollen Tag machen.


Frische Kräuter auf dem Fensterbrett wachsen lassen und täglich das Aroma einatmen und abspeichern!


Auf dem Markt, im Park oder in der Stadt die Augen schließen und den Duft wahrnehmen, abspeichern und mit anderen Städten vergleichen.


Verschiedene Lebensmittel lange kauen und feststellen, ob ihr Geschmack sich beim Kauprozess verändert (z. B. Vollkornbrot).


Den Unterschied zwischen einer gelben, einer roten und einer grünen Paprika erschmecken.

*What I want.... becoming beautiful!


user posted image



-blaue augen
Hab ich, bzw blau grün was noch besser is, da er sowohl grün mag (anya) als au blau (seine kleine)

-dunkle haare
Hab normal mittel bis dunkelbraunes haar..wenn ich etwas brauner bin, kommt au wieder mehr schwarz rein. Im mom sind es ja nur die spitzen wink.gif Und messy sind die eh fast immer, egal wie lange ich dran rum mach laugh.gif

Ob meine klammoten funky sind, denk ich scho..boho-stile allerdings net so. Das will ich au erstma net ändern, ma gucken wink.gif

Haha, naja, lieben tu ich es eigentl scho, nur darf ich net. Sobald ich aber schlank genug bin, kann ich ja ma gucken, was ich mir wieder erlaube zu lieben tongue.gif

Wenn man nach meinem zeugnis ausgeht, bin ich strohdumm. Hab es zwar noch net aber weiß, dass ich extrem schlecht geworden bin... blink.gif Ansonsten werd ich eigentl als recht intelligent bezeichnet...aber dafür tu ich ja jetz eh was smile.gif


Funky Style -> I like someone who’s a bit boho, kind of cool, I’m not into the immaculately stunning look.

Personality -> I’d like someone who I can get on with and have a conversation with, someone who’s got a bit of depth – if there’s no depth then there’ll be no relationship. I don’t like silly, giggly, childish girls, it really does my head in. Giggly girls whispering to their mates, I can’t stand it! It doesn’t matter if a girl makes the first move. I like confidence in someone, I think it’s attractive, but not overly confident, so there’s got to be some balance.

Get The Look -> I normally go for darker hair and darker skin on girls. Green eyes are sexy, but I’ve got to say blue eyes are my favourite because my daughter has blue eyes. I like it when a girl puts her hair up and it’s messy, rather than neatly done and taking ages to do it, I’m not into that.

A Family Man -> My family have to come first, so if a girl didn’t get along with them, then we couldn’t make it work and she would have to go … sorry, but it’s hasd to be that way. I believe in treating others how you want to be treated yourself. I’d want to be on the same level as the person I end up with.

Duncan as a boyfriend -> I’m not a very good boyfriend right now, because of my work. I’m never in the country and I’m always away, so I can’t be very attentive.
When I’m into someone I’m attentive, I love to buy gifts and show my appreciation. I’m really romantic, I really love hugs. I chased someone to the airport once to tell them I loved them. It was like a scene from a movie! She was going away somewhere so I got on the tube to the airport and arrived before her. She went to check in and I was like, ‘Wait!’ and gave her a little card. I don’t now if she appreciated it though!
I’m not looking for people to buy me things, or to fuss over me. I just want to know that I’m appreciated. A simple card, or being told ‘I love you’ is really nice.
I think it’s important to have a bit of fun. I like to be silly, I’m not always serious. I can be very childish at times and a little bit stupid.

First Date -> I think it’s important on a first date to get to know someone, so I’d probably go somewhere quiet where we can talk because fun stuff can come later! I’d like a nice meal where you can appreciate one another, look over the table and talk.

Mr Romantic -> If it was valentines day or a special occasion I’d deck the house out with flowers and balloons, make a candlelit dinner with their favourite meal, get a nice bottle of wine then curl up on the sofa and watch a DVD under a duvet on the sofa. Great!

Summer Loving -> I like to go on holiday with a girlfriend that’s really cool, not just a beach holiday. South America or Egypt would be good. I love culture, you wouldn’t see me on holiday in Ibiza, I prefer somewhere a bit different.

Domestic God -> I love cooking, but what I would cook would depend on what the girl likes. I do a really good chicken casserole and a great roast dinner! Anyone’s welcome to come round my house and try my roast and gravy!

The Ex Factor -> I think it’s important to stay friends when you split up with a girl, because you’ve shared a connection. It’s really sad when couples don’t speak after they split up because you go through so much in a relationship.


That's shiny's way

Ich werde wie sie und bekomme ihn....

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Egal was kommt, ich schaffe es....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...allein seiner mir dann geschenkten aufmerksamkeit wegen....

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...auch wenn mit sicherheit nicht mehr draus wird....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

..kann man ja noch hoffen...und in der zeit an sich arbeiten!


Anya about Duncan and DUncan about Anya. "ANYA WAS THE PERFECT WOMAN AND I MISS HER" Duncan James

By Suzanne Kerins

LOVE rat Duncan James has been two-timing girlfriend Janine Boosie with his ex-Anya Lahiri, I can reveal.

The Blue heart-throb was said to be "gutted" when Janine jetted back to South Africa a fortnight ago.

But it's amazing what a difference a couple of days can make in a pop star's life...

While Janine has been pining for her man and working non-stop to open her coffee shop back in the southern hemisphere, Duncan - who is a notorious heartbreaker - is back to old tricks again by canoodling with another woman.

And quite openly too..

Although the sneaky 24-year-old hunk pulled out all the stops to make sure they weren't snapped together, chiselled-faced Duncan was all over Anya, a former singer in now defunct Precious, at the Pret-a-Polo at the Guards Club in Windsor.

And Anya, 22, who has dumped her student boyfriend, was more than happy to speak about her rekindled love after a few too many glasses of bubbly. After a spot of tonsil-tennis with Duncan, she told me: "He is my man. We might have had our ups and downs in the past. But we are back together again.

"In fact we've been seeing each other for a while now."

The romance is going so well that Anya, who has ditched pop to study an English degree at the University of London's Birkbeck College, has told pals she's planning to set up home with Duncan by the end of the year.

Bad news for Janine.

Duncan met the South African model on the set of the band's video You Make Me Wanna earlier this year. He was so smitten that he even arranged for her to fly from South Africa so they could spend time together in July.

Declaring his undying love, he said: "Janine is gorgeous. I love spending time with her. She's the nicest girl I've met in a long time."

But obviously not nice enough..

Duncan dated Anya, 22, for three months last summer, but split because of his work commitments.

Despite flings with countless girls including Michelle Heaton from Liberty X and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, he yearned to get back back together with the former singer and chased her around like a lost puppy at showbiz bashes.

He confessed: "Anya was the perfect woman and I miss her.

"She's got a boyfriend now, but she says that every time she sees me pictured with a girl it makes her hate me.

"I don't understand that. I'd love to meet someone just like her. I'm absolutely gutted."

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